Transnational Learning Seminar 2 in Lahti

The LARS partners met in Lahti in southern Finland on the 15th and 16th of October to discuss the progress and preliminary findings of the project.

All partners presented their stakeholder analyses and the interview data collected so far. The partners had the possibility to discuss their different experiences from both collecting and analyzing the data. Meeting in person provided a good chance to discuss the method for the analysis, and check that everybody understands the method and terminology in the same way. Through the interviews, the partners have already succeeded in identifying good practices in their innovation systems which could be fruitfully transferred to other partners.

Practical ideas about how to realize transnational learning through possible pilots were discussed, but the plans for pilots are still at an early stage.

A case study in the Pomorskie Region in Poland was also discussed. The suggestion is to use an analysis of a Polish case, as input to the LARS dialogue and dissemination. Fields of study can be chosen from the Polish Smart Specialisation Strategy.

Lahti welcomed the LARS partners with warm and sunny autumn weather. The partner meeting was hosted by the Regional Council of Päijät-Häme.


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