For more information about LARS, please contact either the Lead Partner at the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia or any of the other partners listed below. 

Jerker Johnson, [email protected], international coordinator, Regional Council of Ostrobothnia
+358 6 320 6564
+358 44 320 6565

jerker johnson






 Contact persons:

Region Västerbotten, Sweden Marta Bahta, [email protected]
Oppland County Authority, Norway Turid Knutsen, [email protected]
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany Cintia Nunes, [email protected]
Regional Council of Päijät-Häme, Finland Riika Kivelä, [email protected]
Lithuanian Institute of Agrarian Economics, Lithuania Rita Vilke, [email protected]
Lithuanian Innovation Centre, Lithuania Tatuvydas Pipiras [email protected]
Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Latvia

(Alise Vecozola, [email protected])

Varis Putnins, [email protected] 

University of Vaasa, Finland Seija Virkkala, [email protected]

Lucille Ehrhart, [email protected]

Åsa Bjering, [email protected]


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