Report from WP 3: Revealing the innovation potential in the Baltic Sea Region

The LARS project attempts to help the public sector operating within various institutional frameworks to support innovation processes in their regions, and to connect innovation networks across and beyond the borders of regions. LARS is looking for improvements in public sector policies, supporting innovation.

LARS project partners have selected important or emerging value chains for their innovation strategies, analyzed the selected value chains and their relevant stakeholders, conducted surveys on connectivity and functioning of the innovation networks, and organized focus group meetings to verify and discuss findings through structured dialogues.

The report from Work Package 3 describes, analyses and compares the findings of surveys based on the interviews made by LARS partners. The comparative analysis is based on the numerical data delivered in the partner re-ports. Data contains 141 interviews with carefully selected companies, public organisations, universities and NGOs. This is supplemented with qualitative analysis from interviews, partner reports and focus group meetings, where the quantitative data were verified by the informants, explanations of findings were discussed, and seen in context with outcomes of stakeholder and value chain analysis.

Link to the report from WP 3 (PDF)

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