LARS Newsletter 6

In this last Newsletter we report on piloting new practices in regions and on the project messages. The project partners have been involved in academic communication writing articles on the findings and involved in the international dialogue on regional innovations.

The partners also report on project findings that have been playing into both policy formulation and implementation.

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The Green Recovery is up to the Regions 
Pilot implementation – a long and winding road (to success) 
Unlocking the innovation potential in Pomorskie region through multi-actor collaboration 
Stakeholder Co-creation for Responsible Research and Innovation 
LARS in Imereti, Georgia 
LARS contributing to going green globally 
LARS and positioning in the CPMR – from the designing of the LARS project to GRETA
Collaboration and proactive government for the future of circular bio-economy and rural sustainability
How LARS supported the Smart Specialisation updating process in Päijät-Häme 
Transnational Learning Seminar 6: Pilot Implementation and Policy Advice 
Laying the foundations for a BSR S3 Ecosystem: New reports out on circular bioeconomy value chains and S3 in BSR 
Sustainable Entrepreneurial Challenges in the Baltic Sea Region by Smart-Up 


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