GRETA project results

The GRETA project developed policy tools for sustainable Smart Specialization innovation strategies in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR), supporting green transformation (GT) in ways that are aligned with the European Green Deal (EGD), issued by the European Commission.

Based on overall project findings, the GRETA team identified how to accelerate the GT at different policy levels. Read more in the material below:

GRETA Policy Recommendations in Brief (PDF)

1. Guidance for stakeholder analysis (PDF)

2. Smart multi-level coordination towards green transformation (PDF)

3. Guidelines for regional DPSIR model (PDF)

4. Evidence-Based Pathway towards Green Transformation in the Baltic Sea Region (PDF)

5. GRETA Policy Recommendations (extended version) (PDF)

6. Policy Brief LT Klaipeda Region (PDF)

7. Policy Brief LV Latgale (PDF)

8. Policy Brief FI Ostrobothnia (PDF)

9. Policy Brief FI Päijät-Häme (PDF)

10. Policy Briefs LT Biogas sector (PDF)

11. Policy Brief SE Västerbotten (PDF)

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